1964: Sweet Deals All Around Town

News from the Feb. 13, 1964, edition of the Lemon Grove Review.

A look back at Lemon Grove, 48 years ago this week.

Chamber's Freebie Checkathon: In a fresh burst of civic service, the Lemon Grove Chamber of Commerce, helmed by Don Johns, joined with the California Highway Patrol and local Sheriff’s department to set up a three-day, free auto safety inspection. You drove your car into a special lane at Broadway and Olive Street for the seven-point check of lights, brakes, tires, muffler, wipers, seat belts and alignment. There was no obligation to make repairs, but the wrecked car on display was a vivid reminder of how bad it gets when procrastination rules.

Longtime Grove insurance agent Jack Durham joined with Johns in saying, “We want to make people safety-conscious. Why die when a simple auto checkup will help keep you alive?”

Shamvac Wins Red: Richard Mann, San Miguel Avenue, showed Shamvac, his champion Rhodesian ridgeback, in the 34th Winter Silver Bay Kennel Club Dog Show and Obedience Trials at Mission Valley Center.

Shamvac's perfect ridge of hair growing backward up his spine (hence ridgeback), coupled with his military bearing and prompt response to commands, earned him a red ribbon.

Ridgebacks were bred to hunt lions in South Africa, making prey in Lemon Grove pretty lean pickings. 

Other Winning Grovians: Mrs. Terry Williams was crowned Queen of Hearts over 21 other competitors at the Valentine Ball of Beta Sigma Phi at the El Cortez Hotel.  

Lemon Grove Review editor Max Goodwin received a plaque from the Grossmont Teachers Association for coverage of educational issues and activities. Mount Miguel journalism teacher June Mott made the presentation.

Irene Timoschik was named the 1964 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow for the highest score in written homemaking.

Pete Miller of Miller Dairy fame was chosen to be the area delegate to the American Dairy Association of California Conference in Sacramento.

Here's the Church, Here's the Steeple: Lemon Grove United Methodist Church, long a landmark on the corner of Washington Street and Golden Avenue, got its 90-foot steeple this week as the slender framework was eased into place atop the new, 600-seat church. An illuminated cross visible from the freeway was planned.  We can attest to the excellent acoustics of the church's lovely interior—the site of many a concert over the years.

Classy Footnote: Brumley Shoes, 7763 Broadway, wooed nurses with the new Clinic Patent shoe. At $12.95, the footwear offered built-in polish and cushion crepe sole for on-the-job comfort and class.

“The Shoe with Polish You Don't Apply,” proclaimed the ad over a graphic of a trim nurse hugging her snappy footwear. Today, the style sells for $89.95 ($99.95 for EE width).  

Therese C. Herron, a registered nurse at Grossmont Dermatology Medical Center, wrote in the current American Journal of Nursing eNews, “Since the white uniform and cap went out, it's become increasingly difficult for the public to recognize who the nurses are ... I do believe we need a professional look.”

Herron believes “a more visible nurse” would help attract new students to the profession, a key concern given the chronic nursing shortage.  

Though currently out of fashion, the Clinic Patent shoe was famous for comfort and practicality—and Herron still wears hers.

Natty Wheel-Napper Nabbed: Margaret Martin, Olive Street, glanced out her front window and spotted a well-dressed young man removing the front wheel from her car while his pretty companion waited for him in his car.

An outraged Martin demanded an explanation. He was replacing a wheel that had been stolen from his aunt's car was the lamebrain story. Martin insisted he re-install her wheel, which he did, while she jotted down his license plate number and a complete description of the car and occupants. Sheriff's deputies tracked the duo to El Prado Avenue, where the arrest was made.

Valentine's Day Deals: You could buy your honey a gardenia for 49 cents at Hunter's Nursery (still on Sweetwater Road). Or, a $1 “love boat” sauce boat from Brouillard Hardware, 7846 Broadway.  

Or, a $10 per night “Toothsome Twosome” weekend at the Mayfair Hotel in L.A. where the blandishments included “wonderful food” in the dining room, heated pool, free TV and “sweetheart shopping in the finest adjacent department stores.” Or, this head-scratcher: Star Lumber Company urged men to “buy your sweetheart a five-foot grapestake fence at 77 cents a foot.”

This gambit worked?

Best of all was the Lemon Grove Lioness Club Valentine dinner at El Morocco where wives treated husbands to cocktails, steak, dessert and gift at $3.50 per person. We can hear those lions purring now.


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