Correcting Dog Behavior Issues: An Untraditional Approach

'Ms. Dolittle' taught me what my dog was trying to tell me.

I recently decided that I really needed to call the number on the newspaper clipping, tapped to my refrigerator for months. For those of you who have had a pet with an ongoing “issue”, you might relate to my story. In this case, my beautiful, cute, shiny black cocker spaniel looked like an angel but acted like a devil. Our relaxing walks, on local trials, inevitably turned into a nightmare whenever another dog passed our path. I had tried all sorts of training and socializing to help him over-come his aggression and anti-social behavior toward other dogs. Each time, I mentally attempted to determine a pattern to his madness but found none. Big dogs, small dogs, dogs on-leash, dogs off-leash, old dogs, young dogs, one dog or dogs in groups: all equally elicited his growling response.  Talk about embarrassing. People went from, “Oh what a beautiful dog”, to running in the other direction.

Seeking peace during our leisurely meanderings, I turned to a pet psychic. First, I will give you some background on Ms.Dolittle, AKA Brigitte Noel, and then I will relate the story of my psychic adventure with my little dog Slate.

Her name is Brigitte Noel, a warm and mild mannered woman living in Hillcrest. Her path to becoming an animal communication liaison, so to speak, is an interesting one. In her younger years, Brigitte moved quite often but found her animals a constant source of peace and comfort.  Her love of animals, and an open mind to the metaphysical world, encouraged her to seek out a woman named Samantha Khury.  As a fellow local, with similar interests, Khury showed Noel how it was possible to tap into an animal’s thoughts through telepathy.  Brigitte started her own journey by learning all she could, about all animals, from dogs and cats to lizards, birds, ferrets, horses and everything in-between.  She started developing her skills on her own menagerie of pets and branched out to other’s beloved companions. 

After arriving at Ms. Noel’s home, Slate happily jumped up the steps leading to Brigitte’s office. He seemed excited to have his side of the story revealed through this animal interpreter to me, his loving owner.

I introduced myself to Ms. Noel as Slate looked around and sniffed out his new surroundings. It was not long before he was lying down, totally relaxed and ready to relay his story. The session was tapped, and later send to me via e-mail. Both Brigitte and Slate were quiet but intent throughout their “silent” exchange. Ms. Noel wrote on a pad quickly and largely, with exclamations and underlines during the more than 60-minute exchange. I sat quietly watching. I will say that Slate looked up at me, right at the start of the session, and “mouthed” what I can only imagine was a “thank you” for allowing him to express his feelings and wishes.  I promise I only had coffee and cereal for breakfast.

Come to find out, Slate has no interest in playing or socializing with the dogs we meet on our walks. He likes his people and does not like other dogs. All those well meaning owners wanting their dog to say “hello” to Slate were not welcome and unappreciated. Ditto dogs that come bounding up to him, jumping around like crazy, and getting in his face. No, no, and no thank you. Our new routine is to ignore. I tell the other owner that my dog is in training and if they could just walk by and ignore us, it would be very helpful. Slate gets to ignore the other dogs and we both focus on our own time together, sans interaction with other walkers. I know it sounds a bit out there. I hesitated to write this blog but, I have to admit, our walks are much calmer and Slate really seems to appreciate my new appreciation and acceptance of his anti-social preference. Another tip from Brigitte, no cell phones. I focus on Slate and stay fully aware of his state of mind.  I think I am starting to get this communication without words down. Maybe I can apply it to my children next?

For more information about Brigitte Noel’s work, you can visit her web site.

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Sharon March 23, 2012 at 08:16 PM
Thank you for sharing


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