Bites Nearby: Chicago Pizza Company

Santee's lone Chicago pizza shop is a well-rounded place to get a slice, pasta, subs, salad, dogs and more.

Overview: is an independent operation that specializes in subs, Chicago style pizza, and hot dogs. "Authentic Chicago cuisine." The lone Chicago-style pizza shop in town after Jimano's closed. They deliver after 5 p.m.

Decor: The colorful menu is hand drawn with chalk, the first thing you see, taking up most of a wall as you walk in. Chicago hot dog posters decorate the interior, and they subliminally (or I guess just liminally) got me to buy one! It's a small eatery, with about six two- or three-person tables indoors and at least two tables outdoors. There is a chess and checkers set ready to play at two of the tables.

Entrees and Sides: The menu includes hot and cold subs, Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, thin-crust pizza, pasta, hot dogs and salad.

I ordered the Chicago Dog with everything on it: fresh cut tomatoes, sweet, bright green relish, a Vienna dog, minced onions, pickles, mustard and even celery salt. The dog was juicy and just big enough to barely bite through. It wasn't the best Chicago Dog I've had in San Diego, but definitely the best in Santee!

The pizza by the slice that I got at lunch was thin crust, so, I will have to come back and try the deep-dish sometime when I can order a whole pie.

The thin crust was lacking, too crunchy, like I cooked it in my oven at home. But, the sauce, cheese and pepperoni saved the pie. It seems like they have a good selection of toppings, including Italian beef.

The dogs beat Jimano's, but the pizza is still in question. Round two at the Chicago Pizza company will revolve around a whole deep-dish pie.

Lunch specials: Pizza Meal, $6.99. Weekdays until 2 p.m. Two pepperoni slices, choice of side and drink.

Chicago Dog Meal, $5.98. Chicago Dog with all the fixings, choice of side and drink.

Pasta Special, $7.99. Spaghetti, rigatoni, linguine and a choice of side

Service: Good service, and with job interviews happening while I was there, it's bound to get better. The main problem expressed on Yelp reviews is that the wait time can be long. But, below their menu it says:

"NO FAST FOOD HERE. Nothing pre-cut, from hot dogs to pizza, all ingredients cut fresh for your order. We're not fast, just super fresh. Wait times are approximate and may vary, our goal quality does not!"

House Specials: Chicago deep-dish pizza and Italian sausage combo sandwich.

Deal: Save 10 receipts and the next pizza of your choice is 50 percent off.


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