Lemon Grove's Marijuana Measures to Get Official Knock-Down

The city is set to "affirm" the election results in which local voters shot down two separate measures asking about the use of marijuana in Lemon Grove.

The Lemon Grove city council was slated to officially knock down Tuesday the operation of medical medical marijuana dispensaries after residents said "no way" to the sale of the drug for medicinal purposes in town.

"...on the ballot were two propositions related to the regulation of medical marijuana dispensaries within the City," the Dec. 4 city council agenda reads.  "Neither Proposition Q nor Proposition T passed."

At the meeting, the council will "adopt a resolution... declaring the election results and directing the administration of the affirmation of office to the newly elected officers."

Proposition T was authored by the medical marijuana campaign group Citizens for Patients Rights, and was placed on the ballot following a petition drive.

In response, the city offered Proposition Q, which sought to further regulations and gives the city additional controls over the businesses.

Backers said storefront dispensaries allowed seriously ill people  and that Lemon Grove has already shown its support by placing Proposition T on the ballot.

However, it was the opponents who came out victorious in the Nov. 6 election, garnering 5,149, or 61.6%, "no" votes on Proposition Q, election results indicate.  3,216 people voted yes.

Proposition T lost with 5,130 "no" votes, or by 60.3 percent. 3,371 people voted yes.

The city council will also swear in new member Racquel Vasquez at Tuesday night's meeting.

Frank Mockery December 05, 2012 at 08:33 PM
None of this matters as the cities present ban has been ruled illegal & unenforceable by the Appellate Courts ! Medical marijuana dispensaries are legal under state law & don't need the approval of local voters to open now as long as they comply with California's guidelines ! The Appellate Courts rulings which were rendered after the signatures were gathered to put Measure T on the ballot said that municipalities are "pre-empted" from banning dispensaries under state law ! They found that such bans contradict the law,the will of the voters & Legislature & found those contradictions to be "patent,direct,obvious & palpable" ! "There are to kinds of victory,initial & ultimate" - Winston Churchill Let the naysayers enjoy their momentary (& last) victory,as cannabis patients & those who supply their doctor recommended medication will certainly have the last laugh & as they say "he who laughs last laughs best" !!!


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