Campaign Calls on Medical Marijuana Supporters to Attend Forum Tonight

A local activist calls the event "reefer madness propaganda."

San Diego Americans for Safe Access is calling on medical marijuana supporters to attend a community forum organized by local pastors Thursday night in Lemon Grove, according to TheWeedBlog.com.

“…we expect that the medical cannabis community will not be represented and that the ‘forum’ is meant to convince voters to vote against safe access to medical marijuana,” writes chapter coordinator Eugene Davidovich in an article posted to the blog by Johnny Green, a marijuana activist from Oregon who has a bachelor's degree in Public Policy:

“If you support safe access and have a little time to spare today, please come out in support of safe access. Medical cannabis and the patient community is being smeared by reefer madness propaganda, please come to the Lemon Grove Academy Auditorium today at 7pm at 7866 Lincoln St. Lemon Grove, CA and help oppose it with facts, evidence, and science.”

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On Sunday, safe access campaign organizers will host a Celebration for Safe Access in Lemon Grove in support of Proposition T, one of two medical marijuana dispensary measures that will go before local voters on the Nov. 6 ballot. The other measure is Proposition Q, the city's alternative initiative to allow dispensaries to operate but under more restrictions than Proposition T, which was put on the ballot by petition.

The event will be held from 3 to 6 p.m. Sunday at the Copa Cabana Restaurant on Broadway, and features an art show and live music. A donation of $30 per person, or $50 per couple is suggested. RSVP to attend.

Summer Hemphill October 18, 2012 at 08:51 PM
Be sure to show up en masse to show your support for Measure T at 6:00 PM for a pre-forum demonstation featuring speakers,patients & caregivers. Bring signs & banners showing your support & be sure to contact all the local media outlets as this sort of publicity for our cause can't be purchased at any price. Let's expose this coordinated effort by a few local pastors to mislead local voters about Measure T & make it this debacle the lead story tonight on every local TV station ! Imperial Beach voted to legalize marijuana in 2010 (although it failed statewide) & with support for medical marijuana polling at nearly 80% Measure T should win handily & no amount of specious propaganda will stop it's passage ! Vote no on Q,because it's the right thing to do !
Libi Uremovic October 18, 2012 at 09:19 PM
"...The other measure is Proposition Q, the city's alternative initiative to allow dispensaries to operate but under more restrictions than Proposition T, which was put on the ballot by petition..." the city of ib also tried to write their own petition to counter our prop s, but the city manager and attorney perverted the petition to the point that council threw it out... ...which begs the question: who are the lobbyists that are coaching city councils to go against the people?
Brash Brazen October 19, 2012 at 12:46 AM
Let's stay classy San Diego County !!! Let's dispense with the sermons pastors & start dispensing marijuana (one of God's greatest creations) to those patients with a valid doctor's recommendation ! Only those adults who possess a doctor's recommendation can work at or enter a medical marijuana dispensary,to allow anyone else to enter (minors included of course) would jeopardize their immunity from prosecution under state laws concerning the sale of marijuana. Medical marijuana due to overhead & market factors is so expensive that there would be little if any profit in it's resale & there are already laws against selling marijuana to non-patients. Dispensaries supply many varieties of marijuana,kief,hash,tinctures,edibles & beverages that can't be duplicated by patients in their homes,aren't open to the general public & are no more likely to attract crime as are check cashing locations or liquor stores with commensurate security. Dispensaries have operated for years in other cities with no discernible increase in crime or detriment to the moral values of these communities. In fact many have been cited for their contributions to their communities by proclamation of local government in the cities they serve. It's time to put the all tired arguments & preposterous propaganda aside,consider all the facts & welcome much needed medical marijuana dispensaries to Lemon Grove now. Ask your fellow parishioners to Vote Yes on T because it's obviously the Christian thing to do !


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