Patch Gets a New Look That Highlights You

See what's going on “above the fold.”

We did a quick visual nip-and-tuck to the homepage to make it even more user-friendly. And we've moved a couple pieces of furniture. For those keeping score:

  • We tweaked some words in our navigation bar to save space (e.g., “Traffic & Gas” is now “Commute”).
  • We moved the weather icon next to the Patch branding so you can find it more quickly!
  • We moved you closer to the top! (Our “shout stream” is now front and center to show off all your comments.)
  • The search box is now the magnifying glass symbol next to “More Stuff.”
  • And of course we prettified a few things.

Sassy, no?

As always, Patch is about you, so make sure to create events, announcements and, for those who've got the writing bug, start blogging.

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Questions? Contact Local Editor Christine Huard.


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