Up and Running!

After a busy season which curtailed his running (and blogging), Mark Stapleton is up and running the streets of Lemon Grove again!

Life gets busy. And, sadly, some of the things we like to do—and even things we know we need to do—are left undone. That's why you haven't seen my blog for a few weeks. (Okay, many weeks! J) I've been busy—and so have you. I have been down, but I am not out.

I am not giving up. 

I will run every street in Lemon Grove—hold me to it! 

Sometimes when a goal receives a setback, it is easy to give up on it. "Oh man, it has been so long there is no reason to continue."  I think we hear that phrase or even say it ourselves in about February or March of every year after some of our New Year's resolutions have fallen away.

I have already run 41 miles for a total running time of about 6 hours.  I figure that is just a little less than 25 percent.  So I had better get back in the groove.

The run I am blogging about today was a short one, but eye-opening. One of the streets I hit was Golden Avenue, between Lemon Grove Avenue and Kempf Street.  That poor section of road looks like it is on top of a fault line. 

I have been on that street a lot but it seems like each time I see it, it looks worse.  I know the city has repaired it numerous times and it may just be one of those streets that will always be in disrepair because it is hard to maintain. Too bad, because it is a pretty high-traffic area with the school being right there. 

Additionally, there is not an actual sidewalk on the north side, nor does the one on the south side go all the way to Kempf.  This is not a critical judgment, just an observation.  I know the Lemon Grove road crew works hard and it is not cheap to repair roads and put in sidewalks. And there is always more to a problem than meets the eye.

This run was like that road. It was just there and not pretty to look at. It had some bumps, potholes and it was hard to traverse. I felt lethargic and unmotivated.  But it got the job done, just like Golden Avenue. It made me glad to be able to exercise and have the ability to put one leg in front of the other. A lot of people would love to have that chance.  It made me thankful, too, that we have roads to travel on, even if there are asphalt chunks.

I am excited to be back running.  It feels good. If there is something you have given up on, don't feel guilty. Recapture your enthusiasm and passion, reset your goal and get your groove on.

Or maybe I should say, get your “grove” on!

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Ivy Westmoreland December 01, 2012 at 05:39 AM
Happy to know that other residents notice the poor condition of our streets. So any advise on fixing them?
Melanie Briones December 07, 2012 at 12:24 AM
Keep on running Mark, because the running show must go on! Hopefully, in time and with coordinated community input and persistence, we can get some streets improved for walk/bike/run-ability. Keep your running shoes and thinking cap on ... you continue to inspire and help the Lemon Grove HEAL Zone thrive!


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