How About A Bargain?

The UCP Thrift Store has a deal for you.

Nowadays, more than ever, frugal-minded people are focused on the bottom line. Everyone wants to find a bargain. Have you ever considered thrift store shopping?

You must be willing to dig a little bit to find what you want while pursuing the art of “thrifting.” Are you the kind of person who can withstand sifting through a small mountain of stuff to uncover the proverbial hidden treasure? If you qualify, you can generally come across some high-end items for a fraction of their original cost.

Here in Lemon Grove we have a mega thrift store on Broadway, located just a few doors east of the Big Lemon. It’s called the , and it has been in business for nearly 10 years. It offers gently used clothing, both vintage and everyday styles, for the entire family. In addition, there are household items, electronics, furniture, collectables, books, games, toys, jewelry, artwork, and even a designer label clothing section.

Merchandise is grouped by specialty departments, which makes shopping easy. There are even mannequins modeling cute outfits, and clever displays showing the many ways you can use a particular item. Even cooler is UCP’s large seasonal section—right now, it is Halloween. Look no further for your ghost and goblin needs in this massive collection of scary stuff.

Did I mention discounts? Every day, seniors (over age 55), active military, and students receive a 20 percent discount on all purchases with proof of status. On Sundays, seniors get 50 percent off on most items, with the same deal offered to the military on Tuesdays. There are also daily deals for everyone of 20-75 percent off on selected merchandise.

On average, 85 percent of the sales proceeds go to support programs for people with cerebral palsy. Nice.

UCP Thrift Store does have a little problem. It doesn’t get much notice. Store lead Shana Williams told me that most people are surprised when they come in to find such a large shop. Indeed, the storefront is deceivingly small. As for social media, UCP has no review on Yelp, and only one like on their Facebook page. Well, now they have two.

I know some of us have an issue wearing a stranger’s clothes. But I have to ask: are you also bothered by using a stranger’s plate and utensils at every restaurant? Get over it. Everyone should go into a thrift store at least once in their lives. You will be better off for it.

UCP Thrift Store is located at 7875 Broadway in Lemon Grove, and is open daily. You can also check out UCP’s three other locations throughout San Diego. 

Marianne West September 04, 2012 at 10:04 PM
I am not a patient shopper who likes to look at hundreds of items for hours at a time to find the one good piece. But I have been lucky at the UCP thrift store. My latest search was for a trophy we could give to the ugliest/best looking beer stein (we never figured this one out:) at my husbands and son's combined birthday party. My son is a brewer, so naturally, we had lots of different beers and since we don't allow disposables, we asked the guest to bring their own beer mugs. The invite read that a trophy was to be awarded - we just forgot to put somebody in charge to get one. So, an hour before the party, off to UCP Thrift store I went and found a great item in less than 10 minutes. Yeah!
Fran Lohmann September 05, 2012 at 03:19 PM
I love that store! I go there a lot, sometimes just to browse, sometimes with a mission. But I always come out with a bargain.


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