The Doughnut Choice: Yum Yum or Miss Donuts

Who will win the Grove’s fried-sugary-treat throwdown?

Whether you spell it doughnut or donut, they are our country’s favorite fried food. We produce over 10 billion a year—from the simple plain variety, to fruit- or custard-filled, to sweet glazes of every imaginable flavor, color, and texture.

I know doughnuts are not a health food, and should not be eaten all the time. However, during the holiday grazing season I grant myself a little extra dispensation toward treats. Also, Thanksgiving is gone and it is still more than three weeks until the next big overeat. (See how easy it is to talk yourself into something?)

In Lemon Grove, we have two doughnut shopping choices: Miss Donuts in the center of town, and Yum Yum Donuts on the western edge of the Grove. Both stores are open 24 hours and feature a large selection of doughnuts, plus coffee, sandwiches, and other baked goods.

My taste test was simple, with two doughnuts to sample from each place—a maple bar and an apple fritter. I also chose a third item that was unique to that shop: a Russian teacake from Miss Donuts, and a wheat flour plain cake doughnut from Yum Yum.

The treats were brought home for a blind tasting with a friend. We started with the maple bars, which are my longtime favorites. My friend loved the Miss Donuts bar, pronouncing it light, fluffy, and fresh. She panned the Yum Yum product as doughy and overly sweet. I slightly preferred the Yum Yum bar because of a more pronounced maple flavor.

We also had a split decision on the Russian teacake and the wheat flour plain doughnut. I loved both. The teacake was on the money, and the plain cake tasted almost healthy. My friend found the teacake too sweet, and said of the whole-wheat doughnut: “It tasted healthy instead of good.”

The tie was broken with the apple fritter tasting. We both found the Miss Donuts fritter lighter, fresher, and containing many more apple chunks.

I tried to find a churro for sale in Lemon Grove to compete in the tasting. None found. Are they out there?

My journey for more doughnut choices took me to the Grove Pastry Shop, where I was informed that they do not sell the fried dough item. They bake. They bake really well. I couldn’t resist buying an Apple-Cinnamon Cream Cheese Muffin Cake for $3. It was off-the-charts delicious. Everything looks so good you can't leave the shop without buying something. (See, reasoning removes the guilt.)

The winner this time is Miss Donuts, with Yum Yum Donuts a close second. They are both good choices. And remember—only 35 more doughnut-eating days until that New Year’s resolution.


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