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Beaumont Police Officer Helps Elderly Woman Get New Bike After Theft

83-year-old Gladys May Prieskorn got quite the surprise this weekend, after her only means of transportation was stolen three weeks ago.

As this week of Thanksgiving begins, one local woman is more than thankful for the community support she's received in the wake of loss.

"I’m so happy at what they did for me,” 83-year-old Gladys May Prieskorn said with tears in her eyes on Friday at the Beaumont Walmart, having been surprised with a brand new tricycle after hers was recently stolen.

The 83-year-old Prieskorn is not your average senior citizen.  In fact, she gets out and about more than most people half her age-- riding a tricycle around town to take care of all her daily chores and attend church.

But three weeks ago, burglars cut the lock that was strapping it to her front porch on Cherry Avenue, and she awoke to find her transportation missing, and she was crushed.

That's why when Officer Lyndon Peats took this particular report of theft about three weeks ago from Prieskorn, he felt moved to take action.

"When I initially got that call, I decided to search the city for the bicycle," Peats told Banning-Beaumont Patch.  "I didn’t find the bicycle so I decided, ‘you know what? Let’s get her a new bicycle.’"

According to the police department, they were able to use Walmart gift cards that the store had donated to make the purchase of the bike.  The additional cost of shipping was paid for by Peats himself-- along with a new, stronger lock to keep this tricycle where it belongs.  

“I was just really disgusted by the whole call," Peats said. "We get a lot of calls  that come out, but that one really, really touched my heart."

Walmart store manager Nathan Stines says he, too, wanted to make sure Gladys was taken care of-- and arranged for the tricyle order and even paid for a new front basket for it out if his own pocket.

Jamie Murphy November 20, 2012 at 06:48 PM
It sure is nice and refreshing to see a story like this....it fits right in with the holiday season!!! And personally, WHO CARES how the bike was aquired...it is only obvious it was DONATED....but would not have been, had the officer not of took his time to put in the footwork to ask for the help....it seems to me, the focus should be on the overall sincerety and goodwill in this story...not who and where the bike came from....
Jamie Murphy November 20, 2012 at 06:49 PM
Jamie Murphy November 20, 2012 at 06:52 PM
AND ONE MORE THING......THE ARTICLE READS.....Beaumont Police Officer HELPS elderly woman get new bike!! Not, buys her, or gets her, simply HELPS her....just sayin
Mr Charles Bledsoe November 20, 2012 at 09:07 PM
I am so glad that this 83 year old lady who could be your mom or grandmother got this bike after some low life stole it. What a shame, some people feel the need to take what is not theres to start with. I feel Honered to live in this town of Beaumont with such a fine police department, and officers who do more than expected of them.I say thank you to our police officers and our police department who allways go the extra step and are always Exceeding Expectations. Well done officer Peats.
Charles Ferrell November 20, 2012 at 10:51 PM
Memo to Officer Peats with the Beaumont Police Department, plus whoever at Walmart helped to make this happen: You helped make this woman's day, made yourselves feel a little better about yourselves (that was your reward, well earned, by the way), but there is more. You also made a bunch of other people, especially those who have commented about the very positive aspects of this story in the Patch, feel good about our community and some of the people who live and/or work in it. Good deeds and bad deeds so often have an impact greater than they have just on those who are immediately impacted. They can help a lot of other people feel good or bad about things because of what you have done. This very good story, therefore, isn't just about an elderly victim, a cop who went above and beyond what he was required to do and some "big box" store folks who also went above and beyond what they had to do (which in the case of the Walmart folks, they were required to do nothing). Also thanks to the Patch for giving this "little" story some light so the rest of us could share it. This is a little story about some little deeds and those who read about it felt a little better for knowing something like this could happen in our community. That's a bunch of littles and they add up. Good job all around. Thanks. Getting a chance to report stories like this was one of the reasons I enjoyed my newspaper career. Not a big story, just a little one. A bunch of us now feel a little better. Good.


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