Gore vs. Arpaio: S.D. Lawman Takes Aim at ‘America’s Toughest Sheriff’

“You don’t see what he’s doing being copied all over the United States,” Sheriff Gore said of Maricopa County, AZ, counterpart.

Joe Arpaio calls himself “America’s toughest sheriff,” but the Arizonan might instead be the biggest fraud in law enforcement, San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore hinted Friday to a Coronado audience.

“When somebody is doing something right, what’s the highest form of flattery? Impersonation or whatever,” Gore said. “You don’t see what he’s doing being copied all over the United States.”

Gore had especially pointed words for the Maricopa County sheriff’s involvement in perpetuating the assertion that Obama’s birth certificate is fake.

Gore criticized Arpaio for sending a posse of volunteer investigators to Hawaii—far outside of his jurisdiction—to look into the matter. 

He called the situation embarrassing and said of the birthers’ contention: “I ain’t buying it.”

“I think it’s a gigantic waste of energy—and I’m a Republican,” he told the Coronado Roundtable at the Coronado Library.

Those who would like to see Arpaio’s style of jail management embraced by San Diego County will be disappointed, Gore said. 

Arpaio is known for his get-tough approach with his Phoenix area inmates, from housing them in tents in the desert offering them green bologna sandwiches and assigning them pink underwear.

“I have a different philosophy, my predecessor had a different philosophy, all the professional people in corrections have a different philosophy,” Gore said. “The job, the punishment is removing them from society.”

He noted that part of his responsibility is to be mindful of recidivism rates and how proper treatment can play a role in keeping inmates from returning to jail after their releases.

Under audience questioning after he concluded his remarks, Gore noted that well-heeled political backers of conservative causes, such as the Koch brothers, would have been far more likely to turn up evidence of a fraudulent birth certificate than volunteer detectives.

This wasn’t the first time Arpaio has come under fire by fellow sheriffs.

In 2011, Pima County Sheriff Dupnik of Tucson told Newsmax that if Arpaio were an appointed chief of police instead of an elected official, he would be “fired tomorrow” for comments he made about the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and others.

In 2008, a New York Times editorial called Arpaio “America’s worst sheriff,” citing a report on his record by the Goldwater Institute.

Gore  also stood firmly by his department and the Coronado police conclusions that Rebecca Zahau committed suicide and Max Shacknai died in an accident in July 2011.

The physical evidence, he said, from toxicology to DNA to footprints, guided investigators. 

“I was convinced beyond any kind of doubt that there was no way that could have been a murder,” he said of Zahau’s death.

He is confounded by continued criticism of the departments’ findings in the cases, from both the Zahau family and the Shacknai boy’s mother.

“What is the motive for all of law enforcement to come together and conspire and lie about this case?” Gore asked. “We all getting paid off by somebody? We let the facts and the evidence lead us to conclusions.”

He accused unscrupulous attorneys of manipulating grieving family members into pursuing questions about the cases and the media of drawing undue attention to the mansion deaths.

As an example, Gore cited, without naming the outlet, the television station that ran re-enactments of how Zahau might have bound and hung herself from a mansion balcony. 

Gore said the station’s news director, whom he did not name, told him that he thought Zahau killed herself, but only ran the re-enactments and other Spreckels stories because they drew strong ratings. 

“They knew it was all BS, but the ratings went up every time,” he said. “It’s a shame.”

The station that offered the re-enactments was KFMB. Dean Elwood, Channel 8’s news director, denied Gore’s allegation.

“If he’s implying that I said this, that’s not accurate,” Elwood said, adding that he stands by his station’s reporting.

The remainder of wide-ranging discussion, nearly 90 minutes long, included Gore’s update on the conditions of a detective and deputy shot in Lakeside this week and a breakdown of the ramifications as county officials house more inmates because of state budget cuts.

He also noted that the county wants to greatly improve upon the state’s high recidivism rates with prisoners. 

To help achieve that goal officials are building a $30 million dormitory-style facility to offer inmates counseling and other services to prepare them in the months before their releases. 

dzj1 September 29, 2012 at 10:08 PM
I hate to see the Stupid White people make Stupid remarks.....study and learn...the REpubs started the spying on US...ya know "Patriot Act"?? the REpubs pushed that thru back when W was in office.... Lobbyists?? write our laws thanks to the REpubs....to stupid to know the difference....you just hate the Black guy....racist, ignorant white people...God will have YOUR lunch....LOL
pudlog74 September 29, 2012 at 10:16 PM
In a televised speech Obama was making to a small group of people in 2005 or 2006 he said, " I wasn't really born in Hawaii---I was born in Kenya". That is straight out of his own mouth, as was seen by my sister. She didn't know who he was at the time and we still don't know who he really is today--do we?!? So how he can insist that he was born in Hawaii is a mystery---but one of many---why is his college records sealed? or his passport?--of his mother's passport?--and why did it take so long before he produced a (?) copy of his birth cert.? What---did the paper need to age a bit before it was shown? He is such a liar and a phony but he was raised by a mother who was a communist and Marxist and grandparents who were communists (on record) who sent him to the U. S. to be mentored by Frank Marshall Davis who was a card carrying and book author communists! So why would we think Obama was amything but one also???
Gore Can Kiss My Ass September 29, 2012 at 11:54 PM
Gore is a POS. Since green lighting the shooting of Vicki Weaver in Ruby Ridge to being "given" his current job by his Daddy's friend Bill Kolendar. I agree with the above: Gore is a minimally competent politician, not a real Sheriff.
yogapants September 30, 2012 at 01:55 AM
Did AZ taxpayers pay for those trips to Hawaii? What a colossal waste. So glad I don't live there. It's as bad or worse than Florida with its fill of total whack jobs in power. Yikes.
yogapants September 30, 2012 at 02:02 AM
Oh my God, Please get some medication for yourself and spare your fellow men and women your inane world. You are living in a parallel universe, totally detached from reality.
john smith September 30, 2012 at 03:00 AM
whatever. you really need to get a clue. We have moved on from the 60's KKK era, and have embraced what is embraced around the world. tolerance. Those that claim Apairo is some Saint ona crusade is as dumb as the fox news pundits that tell them in the first place. Apairo is a hack, and racist, and he belongs elsewhere, because reality is, he like his followers, are the new MINORITY of OLD THINKERS, that are passing away quickly now days, and not many people agree with the type of BS, they pulled. Gore is right, you need to earn your badge, and being a BIGOT in a country where we are ALL IMMIGRANTS not tolerable by the rest of us anymore.
Shawn McAdams September 30, 2012 at 03:00 AM
Where is the video i wanna see it. oh yeah it doesnt exist. More lies from the teabaggers
john smith September 30, 2012 at 03:03 AM
well explain how his Facts are not provable? Explain why hes a bigot in a land that was made by immigrants (unless you are Indian, you don't belong here). you are all SMALL MINDED and bigots
john smith September 30, 2012 at 03:07 AM
yeah the Good ole boys, that think hangings are kool. Pathetic...glad that breeds dying days are here and they are on their last 2 of 3 llegs. Bigots start everything thats stupid. Chick fil a...like take a dump a lay. And the small number of idiots who showed support for BIGOTRY, lined up with their Christian values to support someone who openly HATES people. yeah good call morons. you can have your good ole boy, I prefer the law, adn those who are in it to abide by it and not abuse it. Supporting someone that dont follow the law shows a LOT of Character. have a chicken sandwhich.
john smith September 30, 2012 at 03:18 AM
and you can take that to the bank. I also told people I was born elsewhere, SO WHAT, I keep my familys documents sealed, SO WHAT. Publish all your familys info then talk how its a good idea, because as president, psychos are everywhere, and any privacy is held tight. I dont like Obama, but you people are pathetic. Are you even Americans? The America I have grown up in for 40 years, plus the one my father lost his sight in nam, grand dad lost an Arm for, are not the BIGOTED ONES you keep rallying your neo nazi beliefs for. just do us a favor and listen to your mother...if you dont have nothing nice to say dont say nothin. If you want to get technical, we are all foreigners here.
ROn September 30, 2012 at 03:39 AM
Actually you should learn about Joke, you described him perfectly. AS for doing a "Real Job" ask that to the over 400 sexual assault victims his department ignored! AS for corruption, Old "Nickle bag Arpiao is as bad as they come!
C.girl September 30, 2012 at 07:28 AM
Wow... Thats all I have to say. Sure he's contreversial, but do you award your child for doing things you told her not to? Or do you teach them rules exist and you cant make your own rules by taking privelages away? If what arpaio does is "inhumane" then parents who strip children of phone/tv/computer/etc. abilities are just as inhumane....... Just think about it...
shamanlight7 September 30, 2012 at 07:29 AM
Darn pudlog74.....Ease up on your LSD consumption lad... you are whats referred to as 'being stuck'.....No offense to the serious explorers of consciousness and the occasional recreational user of this amazing substance.
john smith September 30, 2012 at 07:32 AM
there is no comparison from a criminal and their rights to be treated humanely, to taking away a gadget from your kid. you have no idea what your talking about. Not to mention the hundreds of rapes he refused to investigate.. as a Parent, I take huge offense in your ignorance and condoning of a COP being that way.
shamanlight7 September 30, 2012 at 07:35 AM
If......there is a hell....it was made for people like arpaio and pudlog74
C.girl September 30, 2012 at 07:38 AM
BTW my thoughts have nothing to do with anything he said abt. birth certificates or any of that. Im just someone who likes the idea that if someone does something wrong enough thats jail worthy, they need to be punished
john smith September 30, 2012 at 07:39 AM
you are correct. what they refuse to remember, is 300 years ago, Apairos family was the dirty mexicans. Hell most all of us wee...coming to make an oppertunity for our family. they seem to have forgotten that they alone did not build the roads, and their lack of compassion for others doing the same now, is just bigotry.
C.girl September 30, 2012 at 07:39 AM
Alright, good luck to you all
C.girl September 30, 2012 at 07:48 AM
Last thing im gonna say is its not a bigotry thing at all... If ur legally here, there is no issue. I understand its a pain in the ass and retarded process to become a citizen. I also think its f'ed for people who lived their whole life here but parents never became citizens, and now they are having issues. Yes there are huge issues that need to be fixed butttt..... As it stands, if you do the crime, you're going to have to do the time.
margaret shine September 30, 2012 at 08:36 AM
I am going to be sick reading the comments above. Is the whole state of Arizona populated with small minded, ignorant neo-Nazis, who have no knowledge of or respect for the democratic principles upon which this country was founded? Do you have nothing but Fox News there, have none of you gone to school, or what is the explanation for so much bigotry and ignorance - nay, stupidity, concentrated in one state? It must be the heat.
C.girl September 30, 2012 at 08:53 AM
I can agree some above comments are just fairly ignorant. Hearing information and just believing it true 100%. However if you are referring to my comments I am from nowhere near the state of AZ.
C.girl September 30, 2012 at 09:10 AM
Also, id like to clear up how my comments may have been made to seem. I by no means was comparing criminals treatment with how people treat their children. Im not an ignorant pos like that. I only said that to make a point which I know most of you will never agree with but basically as ive already stated if you do the crime, and are proven guilty you need to be punished for that... Im not saying the degree arpaio goes to isnt pushing it but these people aren't in there for helping old ladies cross the street... Agree or disagree its up to you, this is just what I feel. (my opinion, doesn't have to be yours)
john smith September 30, 2012 at 12:26 PM
then apairo should go to jail for not doing his job for the victims of rape and sexual assaults that he never investigated. if they are illeagle here, they should still be kept from that treatment by officers, not be treated like that BY OFFICERS. is it ok to molest illeagl immigrants in custody? or should this Sheriff have lost his job and be facing charges? How many misconduct complaints were filed on him? Im all for the criminal doing his time, but the sheriff is a pig for the rest. sorry, its just not right
Dr. O September 30, 2012 at 03:24 PM
But C.Girl, a whole lot of people in arpaios jail HAVE NOT BEEN tried and convicted of any crime. Jail houses people awaiting trial as well as those already tried. In this country we are innocent until proven guilty, and he does not separate the merely accused (many who are actually innocent people that do not get convicted when they are finally tried in court) from the convicted criminal. How do you justify the incredibly harsh and life-threatening treatment those UNCONVICTED citizens receive? Many people die in his jail. And I think most people would agree that minor drug or theft charges are not offenses that should warrant the death penalty.
Kevin Nelson September 30, 2012 at 04:16 PM
Gore is a criminal, ask him why he took the fifth as an elected official when asked to testify regarding Ruby Ridge...
Haddie Nuff October 01, 2012 at 04:43 PM
Happy, you're delusional. Arpaio does not prevent repeat offenders, nor does he reduce the crime rate. As a matter of fact, the crime rate in other Arizona jurisdictions have fallen, but not in Maricopa county, Arpaio's terroritory. There's also the matter of 400+ sexual abuse crimes, many of them committed against children as young as 2, that have gone uninvestigated under Arpaio's watch! When this received national attention, his response was to say "If there were any victims, I apologize." There's also the $103 million in misspent funds. This money is apparently untraceable, since no one can account for it, what it was used for or where it went. Arpaio is a media whore who spends the greatest amount of his budget on 'illegals sweeps' arresting dishwashers and lawn mowers... yes, those really dangerous undocumented... and ignoring serious crime in the country. This plays well with the immigrants from cold climates who have retired and moved to Arizona for the mild winters. If Arpaio was in any other state than Arizona, he'd be arrested for fraud and embezzlement.
Haddie Nuff October 01, 2012 at 06:40 PM
C.girl: except in the case of sexual abuse crimes, which Arpaio doesn't feel the need to investigate. Not nearly as much publicity investigating those as going to Hawaii to 'investigate' the president's birth certificate. Or to raid local McDonalds and dry cleaners to pick up all those illegals working there. Of course, sometimes those 'illegals' he arrests aren't really illegal, and it costs the taxpayers literally millions in lost and settled lawsuits. All issues aside, however, there is NO excuse for not investigating sexual abuse crimes! These cases have languished in a file drawer somewhere for 5-10 years! In some cases the perp went on to commit more of these crimes! How do you find excuses for that? The sheriff's department in most cases had the name and address of the suspect and didn't even bother checking the background of these suspects, much less actually interviewing them! So much for 'if you do the crime, you do the time'!
michael christensen November 07, 2012 at 11:13 PM
Well put Kevin. And if sherrif Joe is such a p.o.s. , if he is such a racist, if the allegations about the rape cases have any credibility then why did the people of maricopa county vote him in for 6 consecutive terms. Sherrif Gore needs to shut up , mind his own business and worry about San Diego county. Which I'm sure is an illegal alien haven
michael christensen November 08, 2012 at 01:01 AM
Well said Kevin. If sherriff Joe is such a p.o.s. if he is such a racist, if the allegations about the rape cases have even a shred of merit ( I'm not saying) they don't) they why would the voters of maricopa county
michael christensen November 08, 2012 at 01:09 AM
Elect him 6 consecutive times? Funny how all the whining and snivelling didn't happen until after Arizona's immigration law went into effect. Gore needs to shut up, mind his own business and worry about San Diego county which I'm sure is an illegal alien haven.


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