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McAlister Institute to Appeal to City Council on Rejected Parolee Program

Members of the Planning Commission disapproved the proposal at its July 23 meeting.

A rehabilitation center that was denied approval by the Planning Commission to locate a program for newly released criminals at its Lemon Grove facility will appeal the decision to the City Council on Tuesday.

The 180-bed McAlister Institute, route: {:controller=>"listings", :action=>"show", :id=>"mcalister-institute-kiva-womens-childrens-learning-center"} -->, which offers drug and alcohol treatment to adults and a long-term residential recovery program for mothers and children, originally sought to transfer 40 beds from its women’s program to create the Community Transition Center, a pilot program that would assess at least 2,085 post-release offenders (PROs) each year at the Skyline Drive facility. The Planning Commission rejected the proposal at its

David Brammer II September 18, 2012 at 06:59 PM
I never assumed you were Christian. I did however ask. I also wrote "second chance" OR forgiveness if you prefer. I never labled you. I also know the def of diversity. As far as my badinage, it may be twisted but I never called you a name or referred to you as something you're not. I'm for it and you are not so I'm a troll? Speaks volumes about your lack of tolerance of others opinions. btw did you read the sheriff's report? More than half the McA clients will be LG residents so what's the big deal? lol
James Davis September 18, 2012 at 07:20 PM
David, its ok. This is an online commenting section so I take this stuff with a grain of salt. I never once said I am for or against this. I want to know more about it before it comes in. What I do know is that the Commission said no, so that in of itself has to lead to some more questions as to why. Saying that I 'long to have something' in a diverse city is certainly claiming something that I stand for which I dont. Apprently you have taken to heart some of the more obvious changes that have happened in the city of Lemon Grove. I just make observations and present them. If you think we are going more country then great, but I certainly dont 'long' for some city life. I bought a house here not for it to be something that it is not, but work with what exists and make it a nice community. If I 'wanted' the urban life I would live there. But lets face it there are lots of elements here which make the "used to be country' argument, its in the rearview mirror with all the new building and change happening. San Diego is a big place, I moved here because it had a lot of rural elements. I am still not certain if this new program will be a good fit for residents in the City. Like I said in another comment, lets see what they have to say. As a property owner, I cant imagine the folks living around there will be too thrilled. Do you own property here David? If you did, I am sure you would be concerned about this topic too like so many other commenters are.
David Brammer II September 19, 2012 at 08:39 AM
Your words James....I am hopeful that folks show up to this council meeting or at least communicate with with our city council on how this is NOT a good fit for our city in any way, shape, or form. <<<< you may have not used to words For or Against but you did said it. I didn't say you long for this McA deal. I said it's PART of the diversity you long for. No James I don't own property here in Lemon Grove and I wont for more than a few months when I do. When this house goes into my name it will be the same time it hits the market. I don't shop here except Home Depot and Henry's, I only eat at Rosarito's and Por Favor (closed), I don't play here, I don't have Edco service, and my kids go to school in La Mesa.... I LOATHE THIS CITY in it's current state.
James Davis September 19, 2012 at 04:26 PM
David, I hope you make some money on the sale of that house. I dont think anyone would argue that getting money from a place you loathe so much could be so good. It looks like you have things figured out that others dont and good for you. But for those of us that are here that want to make it a better place, lets hope whoever does buy your inherited house has a far more optimisitc attitude about where they live. And you think coming on the LG Patch and bagging on the city isnt trolling?
David Brammer II September 21, 2012 at 02:18 AM
If troll is all you have then I guess that's all you have. Have an average day, I'm heading to Palm Springs for the weekend.


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