Virtual Town Hall: Ask the Lemon Grove City Council Candidates a Question

What's on your mind—streets, business, crime? Patch will post the candidates' responses in the days prior to the election.

Election Day is just one month away. Do you know enough about the six candidates in the Lemon Grove City Council race to make your decision?

Join our Virtual Town Hall by posing your question in comments, or uploading a video clip of yourself here (click on the green Upload Photos and Videos button), or emailing christine.huard@patch.com.

Ask a question about a local issue City Council members will face during their four-year term in office. Lemon Grove Patch will post the candidates' responses in the days leading up to Nov. 6.

If uploading a video clip, please say your name, how long you've lived in Lemon Grove, and ask a question that can be answered by all the candidates. If posting your question in comments or by email, please be sure to tell us how long you've lived here.

What's on your mind, Lemon Grove? Tell us what you want to know about the candidates vying to represent you at City Hall.

ZJ October 15, 2012 at 09:51 PM
ZJ Chirstine , As I have seen that no organization wants to host a candiates formun. I would sure like some substitive answers to a few questions that are confronting our city. #1--Lemon Grove has 24 miles of paved streets many have not been repaved for over 20 years. How many miles of streets should the city be repaving each year? And how should we pay for it? Use gas tax money? #2--Lemon Grove will need a new fire engine in the next year or 2--cost $500,000. How do you think the city should pay for it? Our newest engine is a 2002 followed by a 1997 engine and the city's reserve is a 1992--20 years old now. Life of these engines are supose to be about 12 years. #3--The state ended our Redevelopment Agency earlier this year, at the time the Agency owed the city $3,100,000. How should we get the city's money back? The state says it will only repay a small protion and that will be in small installments. #4 The Lemon Grove Lighting District has a surplus reserve of about $600,000. The city wants to borrow this money to repay a high interest city loan. Do you think this a prudent or do you think some of the surplus should be used improve the lighting of streets and parks or should some be returned to the District's rate payers? ZJBOB
Christine Huard October 16, 2012 at 12:14 AM
Good news, ZJ! Patch is organizing a live town hall forum with the City Council candidates. Details will be announced soon.
Lou Melendez October 18, 2012 at 04:24 AM
This is Lou Melendez. I am waiting to hear back from the Patch because they want to actually have a physical (not a virtual) town hall meeting. Last time I heard they were looking for a place and a day and time. If I don't hear back by Monday 10/22/12. I will respond to all your questions via this virtual method with my plan for dealing with the infrastructure, business development, safety/crime, etc.
Scott October 19, 2012 at 01:33 AM
Thanks Christine. I'm looking forward to next week's debate. I appreciate the Patch's efforts in organizing this debate and keeping the community of Lemon Grove informed. :)
LG Joe October 22, 2012 at 04:36 PM
LemonGroove, can you clarify your question #7? All property is subject to, and has tax collected from, whether it is occupied by a renter or the owner.


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