World Series Championship: Lemon Grove vs. Guatemala

Live updates from the championship game going on now in Bangor, Maine.

—1:24 p.m. Guatemala wins 6-3. Lemon Grove crowd cheers the opponents victory as Guatemala takes to the field in celebration. League vice president Charles Garcia says team is "still champions in our hearts."

—1:23 p.m. Lemon Grove down to one out in World Series game. Lieras singles. Guatemala puts in its closer, Hans Werner. 6-3 Guatemala.

—1:18 p.m. Moreno makes quick work of first batter. Next two out as well. Lemon Grove is up. Top of the seventh. 6-3 Guatemala.

—1:11 p.m. With Nunez on 3rd, Weed strikes out for inning-ending third out.

—1:08 p.m. Nunez doubles to bring in two runners. 6-3 Guatemala.

—1:06 p.m. Simpson walks. Estrada strikes out. Nunez is at bat.

—1:01 p.m. Peterson hits big for a single. Guatemala's Valls takes to the mound.

—12:58 p.m. Moreno strikes out Valls for third out.

—12:55 p.m. 6-1 Guatemala. Bases are loaded. Two outs.

—12:50 p.m. 5-1. Guatemala scores on a walk. ESPN announcer says "one hit could make this game insurmountable" for Lemon Grove.

—12:48 p.m. Guatemala loads up the bases. Out on the mound, coach Andre Simpson tells Moreno, "Relax. Hit the spot. Focus on the batter and that glove. It's our game. You guys know that."

—12:44 p.m. 4-1 Guatemala. One out. Runners on 1st and 2nd.

—12:36 p.m. Sawyer flys out to first base. Moreno flys out to right field. Lieras flys out to left field. Fifth inning ends with no more runs for Lemon Grove. 3-1 Guatemala.

—12:32 p.m. Pitcher Brad Moreno takes the mound, strikes out Fernando Valls for third out.

—12:29 p.m. 3-1 Guatemala, top of the fifth with Simpson on the mound. Gabriel Montenegro is out at 1st. Fabian Vizcaino strikes out. Juan Diego Montes walks.

—12:22 p.m. 3-1 Guatemala. Estrada flys out to first base. Nunez strikes out. Clark walks. Weed strikes out, ending the fourth inning.

—12:08 3-1 Guatemala. Lieras, Peterson and Simpson out on pitches from Amezquita, ending the third inning.

—12:03 p.m. 3-1. Simpson pitches third out.

—Noon. 3-1 Guatemala. Two outs. Runners on 1st and 3rd.

—11:55 a.m. 1-1. Guatemala gets its first big hit of the game. Bases loaded. Top of the third. ESPN shows coach telling Simpson "Let's relax and do our thing."

—11:45 a.m. 1-0. Sawyer singles. Nunez come home for the score.

—11:41 a.m. 0-0. Bases are loaded. Dominik Sawyer is at bat.

—11:39 a.m. 0-0, Alex Estrada flys out to left field. Nunez walks. Derrick Clark doubles. Brandon Weed is at bat.

—11:35 a.m. Cheers erupt as family and friends at the game are shown on the big screen at Boll Weevil.

—11:30 a.m. 0-0, top of the second. Guatemala has a runner on 1st, after advancing on a walk. Simpson strikes out two, one out on a fly out to second base.

—11:25 a.m. 0-0. Pitcher Alejandro Amezquita strikes out Deandre Simpson, ending first inning.

—11:22 a.m.Moreno out. Lieras on 1st. Batter Ray Peterson is hit with a pitch and advances for 1st.

—11:18 a.m. Mount Miguel's Brad Moreno leads off for Lemon Grove. Walks to 1st. Esteban Lieras is up.

—11:14 a.m. 0-0. Guatemala is out at 1st, making it three.

—11:07 a.m. Game gets under way with Deandre Simpson on the mound. Two outs on flys. Guatemala doubles.

—11 a.m. A full house of family and friends at Boll Weevil goes wild as ESPN begins coverage.

—10:50 a.m. The team is on the field warming up.

steve wechsler August 18, 2012 at 09:51 PM
Thanks so much for coming out to boll weevil to cover the game. It was a heck of a run. Steve wechsler


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